Fees – XXIII Congreso Mexicano de Robótica COMROB 2021


The Mexican Association of Robotics and Industry A.C. (AMRob) provides several ways to support student participation in the annual Mexican Congress of Robotics (COMRob). In order to do it, student speakers are offered a lower fare, as well as the opportunity to participate in the award for best student paper (Rafael Kelly award), and for best concluded Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral thesis.


Active Member

New Member

Speaker 500$ MXP  750$ MXP
AMRob Thesis award contestant 200$ MXP 300$ MXP
Chapter Member 100$ MXP 200$ MXP
AMRob Membership N/A 300$ MXP
Attendee* Free Free

* AMRob Membership is not acquired, register is mandatory.


Professors and Professionals

Besides, the AMRob has defined Professors and Professionals attendance fees:


Active Member

New Member

Speaker 750$ MXP  1000$ MXP
Professors as attendant 500$ MXP 750$ MXP
Profesional as attendant 750$ MXP 1000$ MXP
Attendee*  Gratuito Gratuito

* AMRob Membership is not acquired, register is mandatory.

Important information for speakers:

  • At least one author must register as a speaker.
  • A speaker can present up to two papers.
  • The payment deadline is October 08, for billing information or details with the payment procedure, contact to Dr. Ulises Saldivar e-mail: [email protected]

Bank details for the transfer

The bank details can be consulted after registration into MY ACCOUNT and give a click in the drop-down menu Profile, or request via e-mail to Dr. Ulises Zaldivar: [email protected]

Procedure to validates payment: Speaker, Participant of AMRob Tesis, or regular membership.

  1. Make the payment of the corresponding amount at a bank window or by electronic transfer, according to the bank details. If you are one of the authors, put inside of the alphanumeric reference field of the bank: ID number of the article.

  2. Otherwise, place the word PREMIO if you are participating in the AMRob Thesis Award.

  3. If you do not apply to any of these cases, then just put your LAST NAME in the alphanumeric reference field of the bank.

  4. If you are not registered fill out the registration form, and once registered go to the next step.

  5. Enter to MY ACCOUNT and give a click in the drop-down menu Profile, click on the gear icon to be able to edit your Profile information.

  6. Fill in the information on the form by entering the receipt and registering your information. If you need an invoice, you can fill a form inside of that section.

  7. Accept and update your information.

  8. For Speakers of regular sessions is mandatory to fill a form with Last Name(s), Name(s), e-mail, and country for all authors of your paper(s), available inside of your Profile section.

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