AMRob Thesis Award 2021 – XXIII Congreso Mexicano de Robótica COMROB 2021

AMRob Thesis Award 2021

AMRob Thesis Award 2021

Ninth Edition

The Mexican Association of Robotics and Industry, A.C. (AMRob) invites the Association members that have defended their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral thesis within the country or abroad.
AMRob award for Thesis aims to recognize the research carried out by graduates of National and International Higher Education Institutions, in order to achieve their academic degree; and strengthen its application in Mexican robotics development.
Participating theses should fulfill with the following bases:

About the subjects

One of the following themes must be addressed: robot control, humanoid robot, mobile robot, parallel robot, robot modelling, virtual reality, teleoperation and further robotics development and application related topics.

Conditions of Participation

Theses must be unpublished, written in English or Spanish and have been approved by a Higher Education institution within the country or abroad from September 16th, 2020 to August 30th, 2021.


Received theses will be divided into three categories:
a) Bachelors.
b) Masters.
c) Doctorate.

Required Documentation

For thesis registration, the following documentation will be needed:
a) Registration forms (format is attached to this announcement).
b) Electronic copy of the degree exam certificate.
c) Electronic copy of an official ID.
d) Electronic copy of the Birth Certificate.
e) Electronic version of the thesis in PDF format.
f) Record that indicates that the thesis has not participated in any other thesis contest.
g) Curriculum Vitae of the contestant in free format.
Participating theses will be part of the AMRob documental collection.


Theses that have participated in other competitions cannot be accepted. Those theses that have been developed or made by two or more people will not be able to participate. AMRob will only accept theses with the complete documentation in the established period. In order to participate, it is required to be an AMRob member (covering the payment forms and costs).


Theses will be received by email at [email protected] with attention to Dr. Alejandro Dzul. Theses will be received from the date of publication of this announcement until September 1st, 2021 extended to September 6th, 2021 at 4:00 p. m. (Pacific time).

About the Jury and Results Publication

Theses will be evaluated by a Jury, built by renowned academics and researchers from Higher Education institutions of the country and AMRob members. The Jury’s decision will be final. Any situation not foreseen in the bases will be solved by the Jury.
The results will be announced via email and the awards shall take place during the closing ceremony of the XXIII Mexican Robotics Congress 2021 to be held in the City of Tijuana, Baja California, from October 27th to 29th, 2021.

About the Awards

The Authors of the winning theses will be awarded an AMRob Recognition and a cash compensation according to the category of the thesis, which will be 4,000.00, 6,000.00 and, 8,000.00 Mexican pesos for the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate categories, respectively. Awards will be deliver on the closing day of the XXIII Mexican Robotics Congress 2021 to be held in the City of Tijuana, Baja California, from October 27th to 29th, 2021.
The cash prize will be awarded only to categories with at least two registered works, otherwise, only recognition will be given.
Finalists must attend to the XXIII Mexican Robotics Congress 2021, in case of not being present, the award will go to the next place. If the author is not present, then the work will be disqualified automatically.

About the Dissemination of the Participating Theses

Participating theses shall be made available by AMRob, through its Dissemination Committee and may disseminate their content by the appropriate media, with due acknowledgment of the authorship. The participation on this convocation leads the full acceptance of its bases.

Información de contacto

For further information, e-mail is placed at your disposal: [email protected]

AMRob Thesis Award 2021 


Acknowledgement of authorship Letter  

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