Student Support Program – XXIII Congreso Mexicano de Robótica COMROB 2021

Student Support Program

Student Support Program

The Mexican Association of Robotics and Industry A.C. (AMRob) provides several ways to support student participation in the annual Mexican Congress of Robotics (COMRob). In order to do it, student speakers are offered a lower fare, as well as the opportunity to participate in the award for best student paper (Rafael Kelly award), and for best concluded Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral thesis.

Student support for congress registration


Active Member

New Member

Speaker $500MXP  $750MXP
AMRob Thesis award contestant $200MXP $300MXP
Chapter Member $100MXP $200MXP
AMRob Membership N/A $300MXP
Attendee* Free Free

* AMRob Membership is not acquired, register is mandatory.

Student speakers’ registration includes a year to AMRob membership, as well as priority in Workshops register; nevertheless, it should be taken into account that Workshops have limit of attendees, then those interested must make the corresponding register to their chosen Workshop.
Students who wish just to attend the event are required to register in the congress Website.

Best student paper award (Dr. Rafael Kelly)

AMRob invites students, members of the Association, to participate and submit their papers of the work obtained during their studies. Submitted papers will be reviewed as any other paper; however, those that are accepted will also be evaluated by a committee made up by the AMRob president and former presidents. Such a committee also evaluates the oral presentation and the quality of its technological contribution to Robotics area. The committee will select a winner for the Master and Doctorate categories, which will be awarded to an economic stimulus and recognition.

Best concluded thesis AMRob award

AMRob invites Association members that have defended their thesis, from September 16th, 2020 to August 30th, 2021, in Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate categories, within the country or abroad.
The AMRob best thesis award has as primary purpose to recognize the research carried out by graduates of National and International of Higher Education Institutions, in order to achieve their academic degree; and strengthen its application in Mexican robotics development.

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